What is Eco-socialism?

An immense crisis looms over an unequal world. Tweaking their dials, Democrats win insufficient, vulnerable victories, while Republicans ignore the problem and fan the flames. Capitalism has proven unable to deliver the deep cuts needed to preserve a stable climate.

To catalyze the political mobilization necessary for transformational change, we need a vision of the future where everyone’s voice is heard and people are valued over profit: ecosocialism.

Ecosocialism starts at the grass roots and aims for the sky. We are students, union members, advocates, lawyers, policy professionals, and activists, but most importantly we are members of the NYC communities living in the capitol of capital, at the edge of rising seas.

We’re fighting for food justice, cleaner and cheaper modes of energy production and transportation, community gardens and co-ops, backyards free of pipelines, and a public bank to serve the interests of regular people and combat environmental injustice and racism.

Only through solidarity can we turn away from the brink of devastating climate change and overcome the power of entrenched wealth.

Whether you are leading your own environmental campaign or looking for a way to lend a hand, we need your help. We need all of us.

Let’s get to work.