The Big Con: How Big Polluters are advancing a “net zero” climate agenda to delay, deceive, and deny


Cover of report - The Big Con

As the impacts of the climate crisis become ever more apparent, people around the world, led by Indigenous Peoples, women, youth, and frontline communities, are demanding action. In response, Big Polluters and the governments that do their bidding have begun to tout commitments to achieve “net zero” emissions as solutions to the crisis they have caused.

This report makes clear that Big Polluters’ idea of “net zero” is part of their continued plan to protect deeply unjust global systems, distract from taking the real action needed, and to evade responsibility for the climate crisis and to continue to pollute.

Governments must stop buying into and reinforcing this dangerous scheme, and instead commit to real action to reach the needed emissions reductions by 2030, and to hold Big Polluters accountable for their deception.


This report presents clear evidence that “net zero” climate plans are simply the latest attempt by polluting
industries, and the neoliberal governments doing their bidding, to escape responsibility to act to address
climate change or to repair the damage they’ve imposed on ecosystems and frontline communities. Their proposed plans could even worsen the climate crisis.