SUM4All – Global Roadmap of Action toward universal access, efficiency, safety, and green mobility

Universal access, efficiency, safety, and green mobility

The Global Roadmap of Action (GRA) Toward Sustainable Mobility package includes two components: (i) 6 “vertical” papers that each look at policy measures to achieve a specific policy goal (rural universal access, urban universal access, efficiency, safety, green mobility and gender); (ii) A “horizontal” paper that looks at mobility across policy goals.

This package will be used as a basis to engage all relevant stakeholders in a discussion on HOW to transform the mobility system; it is issued as “work in progress” in the spirit of stimulating the co-creation of the final roadmap of action. If your organization is interested in providing feedback on the draft GRA, please e-mail Shokraneh to receive the latest draft of the GRA, its 6 companion papers and a link to a feedback form to be filled and submitted.

What is the GRA?  The GRA lays out a pathway for planners, public decision-makers and the private sector to follow to further world’s progress toward sustainable mobility. It builds on the findings of the Global Mobility Report (GMR) 2017 and the Transport Data Portal produced under the SuM4All umbrella. Download GRA One Pager

What sets the GRA apart? The GRA is the first-ever attempt to look across the four policy goals and identify policy measures that are most appropriate for countries relative to how they fare on mobility performances. Too often in the past, action plans have been devised with one policy goal in mind; this approach has resulted in the state of Transport as we know it today. Achieving sustainable mobility is, however, more than the sum of individual policy agendas. It requires achieving equitable, efficient, safe and green mobility targets simultaneously.  A true and original contribution to the mobility debate, this effort brings a new perspective on mobility.

How will the GRA be developed? Since January, the six working groups have developed an in-depth review of policy measures available to achieve one of the policy goals. Building on these 6 “vertical” papers, the six working group leads, consultants and the Secretariat developed more recently a “horizonal” perspective on mobility. The full package is now made available as “work in progress”. For the next three months, the SuM4All Steering Committee is inviting all members of the SuM4All Consortium, but also the private sector, policy decision-makers, and other interested parties to engage, provide input and develop a shared and inclusive roadmap of action towards sustainable mobility.  A series of events are scheduled during that period to seek input (see below); bilateral meetings are planned with countries and the private sector to engage; an on-line platform is made available to provide input and comments; and the SuM4All website will be updated regularly to reflect progress with this effort. The GRA will be developed in an iterative process to ensure its relevance for decision-makers.

Please note that the GRA and its 6 Companion Papers are not for citation or distribution without the consent of SuM4All.