Now the fossil fuel plants need to be paid off. Privatize the risks not just the profits!

With a new President comes a new era in energy. Now the fossil fuel plants will need to be paid off.

Utilities will argue that a “regulatory compact” means their customers should pay off their stranded assets. 

Before accepting that argument, dig a bit deeper.  A New White Paper by Clean Energy Action will help you get started–and make sure that we “Privatize the Risks–and Not Just the Profits!”  Full Report  Privatizing the Risks and Not Just the Profits:  How to TRULY Retire Coal Plants and Fossil Fuel Assets Early AND More Equitably 

As Harvard Professor Ari Peskoe reminds us While several PUCs have used the term “regulatory compact” as a shorthand description of regulation, no court or PUC has concluded that a utility is legally entitled to relief, such as cost recovery, under a “regulatory compact.” On the contrary, PUCs and courts have explicitly rejected such arguments.  

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Onward to a cleaner and more equitable future!!