M4BL, United Frontline Table, Rising Majority Publish People’s Orientation to a Regenerative Economy

Today, a group of sixteen frontline and climate justice organizations from across the U.S. announced the creation of the United Frontline Table, a network comprised of alliances, coalitions, community organizations and their member organizations, that have come together to advance a new economy, based in racial justice, gender equity, jobs, health, and safety for all people;  an economy that functions in balance with Mother Earth’s offerings, and with reciprocity, dignity and respect for nature.

In alignment and solidarity with the Movement for Black Lives and the Rising Majority, the United Frontline Table is releasing a tool for policymakers and community organizations, which clearly prioritizes Justice for Black Communities, known as A People’s Orientation to a Regenerative Economy. Click here to download the toolkit

The tool lays out three steps that can be taken right away to make a down payment on a more just, equitable and frontline centered economy, or a regenerative economy, from the local level up. “Pursuing a Regenerative Economy requires a society committed to anti-racism, and a transformation in how we view and value the lives of Black people.”- A People’s Orientation to a Regenerative Economy. 

First, it includes

  • a series of questions that must be well thought out before policy development begins;
  • a framework to protect, repair, invest and transform economies so no one is left behind; and finally,
  • eighty policy ideas broken into fourteen planks that lead to a truly transformative, regenerative economy that has been proven to work for frontline communities and workers.

Justice for black communities, one of 14 planks in the tool, is a central policy priority in any regenerative economy. This tool lays out how to begin with a series of concrete recommendations for lawmakers that can be advanced right away:

  • End Mass Incarceration & Capital Punishment
  • Make Reparations
  • Reinstatement of Voting Rights
  • Equitable Access to Housing, Jobs, Healthcare & Education
  • Invest in Community-Governed Infrastructure
  • Build Community Governance & Oversight Over Local Institutions & Economies
  • Divest from Extraction & Invest in Our People starting with Defunding & Demilitarizing Police