Mother Earth’s Pandemic

NYA•WEÑHA SKÄ•NOÑH: Thank you for being well

Thank you to Regina Jones for reminding us of these wise and prescient words from our dearly departed friend John Mohawk. Surviving Hard Times: It’s not for sissies by John Mohawk. 

“Given the information that climate change is inevitable and that its arrival will be a tremendous challenge to our food production capacities, a rational society would at least try to take measures to prepare for the future. It may be true, as stated in the Hopi prophecy, that human greed and foolishness will trigger the changes (actually I’m inclined to think that is true), but whatever the causes, the inevitability of change is clear enough. Our species was given 12,000 years of warm weather to prepare for the day when things would change again. Perhaps it will become colder or perhaps warmer, or worst of all, perhaps it will first become much warmer, then get cold. The latter would be the worst because the impact on the biology of the world would be equivalent to a catastrophic cleansing. Plant and animal systems in the north would be invaded by species and diseases from the south in a giant wave of extinctions. There would be no cold-weather species left. Then it would get cold again. Not a good outcome.”
Surviving Hard Times

Mother Earth’s Pandemic the Doctrine of Discovery

Thank you to everyone who participated in the conference especially to those who continue to carry that work forward. 

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The Doctrine of Discovery: Unmasking the Domination Code