Ministering for The Ministry for the Future

1Mar2021, Kimon, KSR’s The Ministry for the Future has been out and has been making waves — yes, Covd-19 was not a thing when it was being written but that doesn’t mean that this near-term SF novel is not the most topical thing you are likely to read this year!

(Featured image: working on installing infrastructure, from FDR’s Civilian Conservation Corps as part of the New Deal — inspiration for Biden’s announced Civilian Climate Corps Initiative.)

Ministry has been nominated for the British Science Fiction Association (BSFA) Awards for Best Novel!

Ministry made it onto the best sellers list of Southern California’s Independent Booksellers Alliance (Feb 7, 2021) and the Pacific Northwest Booksellers Association (Feb 14, 2021).

After covering Ministry in detail, Matt & Hilary were joined in their Marooned! on Mars podcast by KSR in a long, detailed and pleasant interview. A must! Listen to it here, and below:

Also, Bryan Alexander‘s book club of Ministry continued and wrapped up: Part 3Part 4Part 5.

The pandemic has had the positive effect of a plethora of audio/video interviews and free online events with KSR taking place! All I can do is just list them. Here are all the recent ones:

In addition, the KSR interview by Eliot Peper we linked to earlier has been reprinted in OneZeroInventing Plausible Utopias.

Now for the list of reviews of Ministry:

Ministry was also in some Best of 2020 lists, namedumps and 2021 recommendations:

Finally, KSR’s works and Ministry get mentioned often in articles, taking a particular aspect of the novel and running with it. For instance:

 That’s an impressive list of bullet points! Check out the calendar for announced and identified events. And keep on reading and surviving, till next time!

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