Let’s talk about what we can and should do, getting off fossil fuels and moving toward 100%

Let’s talk about what we can and should do.  Democrats such as Bernie Sanders have been fighting for truth, such as Single Payer being the only honest way to offer more affordable, comprehensive and just plain better healthcare for all, from the start.  So let’s keep it simple and straightforward.

Stop filling/overflowing the bathtub (our atmosphere) especially when we have good, easy, positive ways to do this right now!  The more we put in, the more we have to figure out how to (perhaps expensively) get out.

  1. Phase out new ICEs and switch over to EVs (for new vehicles) by 2020.  Get an exemption if you want or keep buying parts and used fossil fuel vehicles forever, but let’s adapt to the future economy now.
  2. Schedule closure dates for coal plants and provide support and transition plans for former miners, by 2020.
  3. Do we care about manufacturing in our country – yes!  Let’s get and stay ahead of where manufacturing is going!
  4. Develop plans for decarbonization (everywhere) by 2020.  All cities, governments, orgs, institutions can be asked to develop plans for decarbonization in the next couple years (i.e., by 2020, even if this cannot be mandated).  How fast can you get there?  Fully protect your business or portfolio of responsibilities from stranded assets? and Create a clean, healthy, appealing and attractive place for your citizens or members?

See the future. Look forward to clean air and full transportation and internet access for all, sooner rather than later.

We can preserve benefits for the fossil fuel owners until the last second, until they pull out and leave you high and dry, or we can opt into what’s best for all of us – clean air, clean water, jobs in the clean energy sector and serving others in our communities — sooner rather than later.  It’s up to us to think about, create if necessary, and get on this better path now.

This is what young people are calling for.

Younger folks are saying:  what are we waiting for?  And why do current/older generations think they can be so unaccountable and just leave a mess for everyone else to pick up?  Or worse, kill off the options of (or just steal the life support systems of) future generations.  Putting off the big change until the 2030s is not an option.  Also, it’s the same as saying:  let’s just watch whatever rolls out, because the die is going to be cast by then.  Stop fooling around and delaying!

Everyone knows how insurance works. 

There’s less than a 1% chance of your house burning down but you buy insurance for that.  Car accidents are more common.  We wouldn’t think of not buying car insurance to protect ourselves.  Then we have climate change, which over 99% of scientists agree is coming and happening already – a true emergency where we need to get our act together.  And we can’t look at this through a risk or weight of the evidence lens, when we only have one planet on which to live?

Admittedly we’ve had 40 years of poisoning the climate change/global warming terms and discourse. 

Folks who are lying about climate change are only going to be able to lie so long before this bites them.  Folks who are going for maximum extraction, being maximal “takers” up until the last second are as antithetical to being Christian or conservative as one could possibly be — any value of caution or the common good.

It’s up to us to be responsible and to be about honesty and truth in this conversation and what will make the transition we need more straightforward.  We have good options in front of us right now.  We just need to get on with it.