Just energy policies and practices from the NAACP

The NAACP advocates for equity, economic justice, and environmental justice within the energy sector, especially in the broader context of climate change.

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We believe everyone has a right to safe and affordable energy.jep-front-cover

Unfortunately, energy companies and the energy industry do not operate under this principle. The way they do business not only impacts the environment but the people who live in it, which results in health problems and other issues for the African American community and communities who are low-income.

  • More African Americans live near coal fired power plants, nuclear power plants, or biomass (where waste is burned to make energy) power plants than any other demographic group in the U.S.
  • Over the past several decades, approximately 68% of African Americans live or have lived within 30 miles of a coal-fired power plant.
  • As a result, African Americans are more likely to suffer health problems from the pollution that these facilities produce.

The Just Energy Policies and Practices Action Toolkit is 8 modules of practical, user-friendly guidance on how you can phase out toxic energy like coal, nuclear, and oil facilities and bring in clean energy like wind and solar.  Designed to be downloaded as an entire toolkit or as individual modules, you can start planning energy justice plans to best fit the needs in your community. 

Just Energy Policies and Practices ACTION Toolkit

Module 1: Getting Organized So You Can Organize!

Module 2: Legislative Campaigns for Energy Justice

Module 3: Engaging Your Utility Company and Regulators

Module 4: Starting Community-Owned Clean Energy Projects

Module 5: Starting an Energy Cooperative

Module 6: Starting a Community Energy Efficiency, Retrofitting, and Weatherization Project

Module 7: Educating and Organizing for Energy Justice

Module 8: Direct Action Campaigning for Energy Justice

Just Energy Policies and Practices Action Toolkit Glossary


NAACP Model Energy Policies 

These model policies provide guidelines for state and local energy policies. Based on industry analysis, these standards are rigorous, yet attainable. If adopted nationwide, these policies will help to prevent climate change, as well as protect the well-being of communities.

Just Energy Policies: Model Energy Policies Guide

NAACP Just Energy Policies Compendium

The Just Energy Policies compendium outlines how states and NAACP branches can make sure their energy policies protect communities from harmful energy production processes while providing equitable access to economic opportunities like green jobs in energy efficiency and clean energy.

Just Energy Policies Compendium

Just Energy Policies Compendium – EXECUTIVE SUMMARY