Energy Democracy Scorecard


Key Principles:

Renewable (source), De-commodified (use v. exchange), Sustainable (eco-focused), Resilient (distributed), Shared (commons/ownership)

Category Data Source Extractive (0) Transactional (1) Transitional (2) Energy Democracy (3)
Renewable Energy Generation System Ask to see your City’s Energy Portfolio Achieved by buying and selling RECs, control maintained by utilities 80% of renewable energy on grid is through RECs, with 20% coming from local generation, mostly utility-scale 50% of renewable energy on grid is through RECs, with 30% coming from community-owned local generation, 20% utility Over 80% is coming from community-owned local generation
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Energy Resilience   Centralized Centralized, with less than 5% distributed energy projects Utility Scale Renewable Energy with 20% Distributed energy Majority Distributed/Decentralized
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Electricity consumption/Energy Efficiency   12,071 kWh/person/year


<10,000 kWH/capita 4,795 kWh/capita


<2,000 kWh/capita
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Energy Source (% of Fossil vs. Renewable/% of extreme attraction)


  Fracking, Tar Sands, Nuclear, Mount Top Coal, Offshore Drilling)



EE as First Fuel

<25-50% RE

Gas as Bridge Fuel

Appliance Standards

Auto Standards

Public Transit Policy

50-90% renewables 100% Renewable Energy
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Carbon Pricing Policy   Cap and Trade Cap and Dividend Pollution Fee to reinvest money into frontline communities for energy democracy with 5-year phase out of fossil fuels Ban on Fossil Fuel extraction, refinement, and generation
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Total Score for Energy Systems