Colorado ballot measures

You might have heard about Initiative #271, led by Fair Tax Colorado and supported by Together Colorado. Initiative #271 will create a fair tax code that lowers tax rates for 95% of Coloradans and raises taxes on the wealthiest 5%. This is one of our priority issues and will help solve the budget cuts that are coming. 

I’m emailing today to ask you to help this initiative make it on the November ballot. We have until July 25 to get our signatures to the campaign. 

For too long in Colorado, we’ve been beholden to an unfair tax system that favors the wealthy over the rest while providing inadequate support for our schools, roads, and basic human safety net. Working people who earn less and are disproportionately people of color, pay a larger share of their income in taxes than the top 5% who earn significantly more. We need a fair tax code that begins to undo decades of harm from an inequitable tax code and helps us recover from COVID-19 budget cuts.

Here are five ways you can help get Fair Tax Colorado on the ballot:

Sign a single-line petition form

Governor Polis’ executive order on May 15 allows campaigns to mail and email single-line petitions for voters to sign and return to the campaign. Click here to either request a mailed single-line petition form or download and print your own. (Note: You can leave the Section # and Line # at the bottom of the single-line petition that you sign blank. That is for the campaign to fill in).

Get in touch with a mobile petition carrier

FTC volunteers are ready to meet with you so you can sign a petition in person. Get more information here.

Find a signing location near you

There are pop-up signing locations across Colorado. Find your nearest location now. More locations will be added as they come in.

Get and sign a traditional petition through Fair Tax Colorado

Click here to request your own petition to sign and carry. Yes, you can sign your own petition! The campaign will mail one (or more!) right to your door. If you sign up through the campaign and are a Together Colorado Leader, please put Together Colorado in the organization field.

Get and sign a traditional petition through Together Colorado

Email your Together Colorado Organizer or Kristy Thomas,, to request a petition with the subject line “FTC Petition Needed.” We have pick-up locations ready in Golden and Denver’s Park Hill and Montbello neighborhoods. We also have petitions ready to mail quickly. 

Thank you!