CO 2021 Legislative Update

Jun 12, 2021 Written By Brian Highland

CEA thanks Colorado Coalition for a Livable Climate (CCLC) for providing the following legislative update.

The 2021 Colorado legislative session is complete! There were 57 climate-related bills that we tracked this session. Most passed, including one of our favorites, the Community Choice Energy bill, HB21-1269, taking Colorado a strong step forward to combat the climate crisis.

The most significant development in the last month was that SB21-200 was replaced with HB21-1266, which, according to sponsor Representative Dominique Jackson, had 13 of 16 items from SB21-200. It omitted AQCC authority to enforce emissions reductions in the transportation and construction sectors, but still gives authority in the oil and gas, electric-utility, industrial, and manufacturing sectors and the environmental justice portion of the bill remained intact. Even though it’s not as strong as the original bill, it’s still a significant win for climate advocacy!

Read on to see how the climate bills fared this year. New bills since last month are marked with a ✅.

Scorecard for bills that CEA took a position on:

Supported and Passed or Opposed and Failed: 15 13/16

Supported and Failed or Opposed and Passed: 3


Passed HB21-1052 | Define Pumped Hydroelectricity As Renewable Energy

Passed, Support HB21-1131 | Cooperative Electric Associations Governance Requirements

Passed, Support HB21-1269 | Public Utilities Commission Study Of Community Choice Energy

Passed HB21-1322 | Gasoline And Special Fuel Tax Restructuring

Passed HB21-1324 | Promote Innovative And Clean Energy Technologies

Passed, Support SB21-108 | PUC Gas Utility Safety Inspection Authority

Passed, Support SB21-261 | Public Utilities Commission Encourage Renewable Energy Generation

Passed SB21-264 | Adopt Programs Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions Utilities | (Replacement of SB21-161)

Passed, Oppose as written SB21-072 | Public Utilities Commission Modernize Electric Transmission Infrastructure

Passed SB21-272 | Measures To Modernize The Public Utilities Commission

Passed SB21-281 | State Severance Tax Trust Fund Allocation

GHGs Pollution

Passed HB21-1186 | Regional Transportation District Operation

Passed, Support HB21-1189 | Regulate Air Toxics

Failed, Oppose HB21-1205 | Electric Vehicle Road Usage Equalization Fee

Passed HB21-1230 | Create User-friendly State Internet Rules Portal

Passed HB21-1247 | Colorado Department Of Public Health And Environment Contract Pay To Grantees Up Front

Passed, Support HB21-1266 | Environmental Justice Disproportionate Impacted Community

Passed HB21-1290 | Additional Funding For Just Transition

Passed, Support HB21-1303 | Global Warming Potential For Public Project Materials

Failed, Oppose SB21-114 | Minimum Setback New Schools From Existing Oil And Gas

Failed, Oppose SB21-125 | Alternate Proposals Air Quality Control Rulemaking

Failed SB21-149 | Wind Energy Facilities Sited Near Military Operations

Withdrawn, see SB21-264 SB21-161 | Voluntary Reduce Greenhouse Gas Natural Gas Utility

Failed, Oppose SB21-163 | Cost-benefit Analysis For Rules Additional Requirements

Withdrawn, see HB21-1266, Support SB21-200 | Reduce Greenhouse Gases Increase Environmental Justice

Passed, Support SB21-238 | Create Front Range Passenger Rail District

Passed SB21-260 | Sustainability Of The Transportation System

Built Environment

Failed, Oppose HB21-1034 | Consumer Right To Use Natural Gas Or Propane

Passed, Support HB21-1238 | Public Utilities Commission Modernize Gas Utility Demand-side Management Standards

Passed HB21-1253 | Renewable And Clean Energy Project Grants

Passed HB21-1284 | Limit Fee Install Active Solar Energy System

Passed, Support HB21-1286 | Energy Performance For Buildings

Passed SB21-220 | Reverse Transfers From Severance Tax Operational Fund

Passed SB21-230 | Transfer To Colorado Energy Office Energy Fund

Passed SB21-231 | Energy Office Weatherization Assistance Grants

Passed, Support SB21-246 | Electric Utility Promote Beneficial Electrification

Climate Impacts

Passed HB21-1008 | Forest Health Project Financing

Passed HB21-1141 | Electric Vehicle License Plate

Passed HB21-1145 | Support Pollinator Special License Plate

Passed HB21-1149 | Energy Sector Career Pathway In Higher Education

Passed HB21-1156 | Fix Defects Related To Severance Withholdings

Passed HB21-1162 | Management Of Plastic Products

Passed HB21-1180 | Measures To Increase Biomass Utilization

Passed HB21-1181 | Agricultural Soil Health Program

Passed HB21-1186 | Regional Transportation District Operation

Failed, Support HB21-1199 | Consumer Digital Repair Bill Of Rights

Passed HB21-1208 | Natural Disaster Mitigation Enterprise

Passed HB21-1242 | Create Agricultural Drought And Climate Resilience Office

Failed, Support HB21-1246 | PERA Public Employees’ Retirement Association Divestment From Fossil Fuel Companies

Passed HB21-1274 | Unused State-owned Real Property Beneficial Use

Passed HB21-1312 | Insurance Premium Property Sales Severance Tax

Failed SB21-034 | Water Resource Financing Enterprise

Failed SB21-180 | Recycling And Composting Enterprise Grant Program

Passed SB21-221 | Projects Under Wildfire Risk Mitigation Grant Program

Passed SB21-234 | General Fund Transfer Agriculture And Drought Resiliency

Passed SB21-235 | Stimulus Funding Department Of Agriculture Efficiency Programs

Passed SB21-258 | Wildfire Risk Mitigation