Biden & Student Debt: A 40-Year Love Affair: president is falsely insinuating that student debt relief would help rich people

Joe Biden may not be a particularly ideological politician, but one of the few things he seems to absolutely believe in is debt. In particular, student debt.

On the campaign trail he appeared to suggest otherwise, repeatedly promising that he would support some incremental action to forgive student debt, tweeting that the federal government should forgive “a minimum” of $10,000 of college loans.

Last week, however, Biden defied Democratic leaders on the issue, declaring “I will not make that happen” when asked whether he supported Senators Chuck Schumer and Elizabeth Warren’s proposal to go farther and cancel up to $50,000 of federal student debt — and his administration refused to commit to using existing executive authority to reduce that debt.

The declaration echoes a point of contrast between Biden and Sen. Bernie Sanders during the 2020 Democratic presidential primary, when the Vermont independent pushed for full student debt cancellation. Biden’s statement also rekindles a bitter conflict between him and Warren, who as a Harvard Law professor excoriated him in harsh terms for consistently opposing debt relief. She is now calling on Americans to press Biden to use his existing executive authority to enact more debt relief, but the White House is balking.

The entire episode is a reminder that Biden’s current position is consistent with his 40-year history of leaving Americans loaded down with bills as a consequence of seeking a higher education.

Biden Is Wrong: Most Student Debtors Are Not Rich

In justifying his opposition to Democratic lawmakers’ proposal, Biden asserted at a CNN town hall last week that people who went to “Harvard and Yale and Penn” should not have their federal student debt forgiven. The refrain echoed the now-pervasive talking point that people who attended expensive, elite schools would be the primary beneficiaries of student debt relief.

In reality, only 0.3 percent of people with federal student loans attended Ivy League schools, while about half attended public universities. 

Biden’s comment also implied that cancelling up to $50,000 worth of student debt would primarily help rich people, which is also inaccurate.

An October report from the Washington Center for Equitable Growth — which was co-founded by one of Biden’s top economic policy advisers — found that “the student debt burden in the United States falls most heavily on those U.S. households in the bottom 50 percent of the income distribution — and even more on Black American households.”

Those findings were echoed by a new study from the Jain Family Institute which shows that most people with outstanding federal student loans live in census tracts where the median income is less than $40,000.

“The sheer number of borrowers in low- and lower-middle income categories outnumber those in the higher-income groups,” noted the study, which concluded, “Thus, the greatest share of the benefit from cancellation accrues to people living in lower-income communities, relative to higher-income ones.”

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