4p1000 Initiative and GND

Earlier this year Sierra Club joined the 4p1000 Initiative. The article,  Five Big Ideas for a Green New Deal lists number 5 as Carbon Friendly Farming which contains a link to a peer reviewed paper with this quote,

“On this basis, the 4p1000 initiative on Soil for Food Security and Climate14, officially launched by the French Ministry of Agriculture at the United Nations Framework Convention for Climate Change: Conference of the Parties (UNFCCC COP 21) in Paris, aims to sequester approximately 3.5Gt C annually in soils.”

Regeneration International (RI) is the organization that administers the 4p1000 Initiative in North America. RI recently teamed up with the Sunrise Movement to promote Farmers and Ranchers for a Green New Deal. Sierra Club’s Grassroots Network Food and Agriculture Team signed the petition, “On behalf of the hundreds of Sierra Club members who are farmers and ranchers we support the Green New Deal.”

Recently the Club’s Board of Directors appointed a Climate Adaptation Task Force that issued a report titled Tackling Climate ChangeThe report recommended several potential campaigns which were approved by the Board. A new Grassroots Network Team (Climate Adaptation and Restoration) has formed to promote these campaigns. Many of these campaigns have some connection to soil carbon sequestration. The campaign that is directly linked to 4p1000 and regenerative agriculture is called Healthy Carbon-rich Soils. Along with this campaign the Club will soon issue a Soil Carbon Sequestration policy paper.

As Sierra Club’s contact person for the 4p1000 Initiative I am also the GN Food & Ag Team’s liaison to Regeneration International. Our Team is working to promote the 4p1000 Initiative and intend to simultaneously promote the GND. It seems like a logical fit for the GreenNewDeal leadership/policy committee to promote 4p1000 as part of our Regenerative Organic Agriculture and Green New Deal platform. 

I propose that the Green New Deal leadership committee support including 4per1000 through regenerative organic agriculture as part of a Green New Deal.  Does anyone have have any questions, comments or objections?


Paul McCullough, Co-Chair
Sierra Club Grassroots Network
Food and Agriculture Team
cell: (989) 709-1277