41 CA cities have adopted gas connection prohibitions or strong discouragements, expanded electric vehicle charging, and even cement reduction mandates

It is key to California’s regulatory compliance and good governance that CalGreen includes at least one Decarbonized Tier. 

With 41 cities having adopted gas connection prohibitions and/or strong discouragements, expanded electric vehicle charging, and even cement reduction mandates to address cement’s contribution of 6% of global greenhouse gas emissions, it is time for DGS to standardize one or more Decarbonized Tiers of CalGreen Code. 

This is good governance–cities have passed these Decarbonized Reach Codes at a rate of one every two weeks, and every one of the 500+ California cities is legally required to at least plan for decarbonization codes. This standardization of safe, healthy, green building throughout all municipalities is what CalGreen is for.

This is also regulatory compliance–the CEC and ARB have both spoken about their legal obligations to clean California air and end our climate change emissions, and CalGreen Code is the regulatory process that unifies these laws. 

We need you to respond to public comments, the CEC and the ARB with Code that uses the best elements of the Reach Codes adopted to date, and ideally goes further. We need forward thinking regulations to address the terrible consequences, both health and climate, of our fossil fuel economy.

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