Why is it when you destroy property it’s considered vandalism, but when we destroy nature it’s called progress? How is it that some people, or corporations, can knowingly perpetuate the damage? Or, as people routinely ask me, `Don’t they have grandchildren?’

May-June 2021

Bill McKibben: The Particular Psychology of Destroying the Planet << The New Yorker: How is it that some people, or corporations, can knowingly perpetuate the damage?  Or, as people routinely ask me, `Don’t they have grandchildren?’”

Bernie Sanders: What Happens Next in Congress Will Determine Future of Country << CNN: In this pivotal moment in American history, Democrats in the House of Senate, working with the White House, have proposed several pieces of legislation which can strengthen working families, protect the planet and save American democracy from right-wing extremism.”

Elizabeth Warren Proposes $1.9T in Investments in Energy Research, American Manufacturing << Sharon Zhang, Truthout: “The senator hopes that Biden could consider the pair of proposals for his infrastructure plan.”

“Why is it when you destroy property it’s considered vandalism, but when we destroy nature it’s called progress?” ~ Ed Begley, Jr. actor, chairman of the Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy Board

Environmentalists Warn Biden Not to Abandon Climate Plans to Appease Republicans << Common Dreams

‘This Is Climate Denial’: Biden Goes to Bat for Massive Alaska Drilling Project Approved Under Trump << Common Dreams: “Burning that oil would create nearly 260 million metric tons of CO2 emissions—about the equivalent of what is produced by 66 coal-fired power plants.”

Why Bill Gates, John Kerry, and Other Climate Dudes Are Dead Wrong << John Carey, Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists: “There’s no Gates-ian fairy tale, no Franzen-like acceptance of disaster, and no awaiting the invention of some Kerry-like miracle technologies.”

The Future of Renewable Energy Depends on China << Michael T. Klare, The Nation: “Hawkish foreign policy is a losing game when China provides 70% of the world’s rare-earth supplies.”

Will There Be Resource Wars in a Renewable Future? << Michael T. Klare, TomDispatch/Scheerpost: “According to a recent study by the International Energy Agency (IEA), `The Role of Critical Minerals in Clean Energy Transitions,’ the demand for lithium in 2040 could be 50 times greater than today and for cobalt and graphite 30 times greater if the world moves swiftly to replace oil-driven vehicles with EVs.”

Climate Crisis Behind Drastic Drop in Arctic Wildlife Populations. << Gloria Dickie, Guardian UK: A drastic drop in caribou and shorebird populations is a reflection of the dire changes unfolding on the Arctic tundra, according to a new report from the Arctic Council.”

Fighting Attacks on Inconvenient Science—and Scientists << Inside Climate News: “Scientists whose research might conceivably threaten the bottom line of powerful corporate interests risks facing an orchestrated campaign to destroy their reputation.  That’s the message of a newly published commentary in the journal Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry.  The article warns of the fragility of scientific integrity by drawing on the disturbing history of the popular weed killer atrazine.” (from Carol Farina)

We Can Change’: In New Film, Greta Thunberg Connects Dots Between Animal Exploitation and Pandemics << Common Dreams

JPMorgan Chase Just Became the World’s Most Dangerous Bank << Alec Connon, Common Dreams: “While the IEA states that there can be no new investment in the expansion of fossil fuels, Chase doesn’t plan to reduce its investments in new fossil fuel supply at all within the next decade.”

U.S. Insurance Giants Worsening Climate Crisis, Biodiversity Loss, and Human Rights Violations: Report << Common Dreams: “Despite the sector’s expertise in identifying, forecasting, and managing risk, it continues to support companies responsible for climate change, including those engaged in coal, tar sands, and Arctic oil and gas.”

Can We Fight Climate Change by Just Electrifying Everything? << Treehugger: “It’s hard, when a genius TED star writes a book and a website saying that nobody has to give up any of the great North American lifestyle.  Don’t worry about moderation or living with less or bikes.  We can all have the `same–sized homes.   Same–sized cars.  Same levels of comfort.  Just electric.’  I have been saying the exact opposite for at least a decade, and wonder if I have to go rewrite everything.” (from Michele Melio)

‘Landslide Victory for Climate Justice’: Court Rules Shell Must Cut CO2 Emissions 45% by 2030 << Common Dreams

How Sand Mining Could Destabilize the World << Dharna Noor, Gizmodo:The world consumes gargantuan quantities of sand for all kinds of things, which along with related materials like gravel and crushed rock, accounts for 85% of all mineral extraction on Earth.  A new study details the massive environmental toll it takes-and how we can fix it.”

Economic Study Shows Why ‘Saving the Planet Is Not a Jobs Killer’ << Julia Conley, Common Dreams

Brazil Aerial Photos Show Miners’ Devastation of Indigenous People’s Land << Tom Phillips and Flávia Milhorance, Guardian UK:Rare and disturbing aerial photographs have laid bare the devastation being inflicted on Brazil’s largest reserve for indigenous people by thousands of wildcat gold miners whose illegal activities have accelerated under the country’s far-right leader, Jair Bolsonaro.”

Environmental issues at center of New Mexico special election The Hill >> https://thehill.com/homenews/campaign/555429-environmental-issues-at-center-of-new-mexico-special-election?utm_source=&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=39412 (from Pete Simon)

How Green Is Denver if You’re Black?  These Residents Are About to Find Out << Caroline Tracey, Guardian UK:For decades, the clubhouse of the Park Hill golf course in north-east Denver, Colorado, hosted weddings and graduation parties for residents of nearby neighborhoods.”