Why is it easier for some to imagine the end of fossil fuels but not settler colonialism?

I recently posed the question in Jacobin: “Why is it easier for some to imagine the end of fossil fuels but not settler colonialism?” As part of the Red Deal platform we make that argument that if the Green New Deal can connect every social justice struggle to climate justice, then we must connect every social and climate justice struggle to decolonization and vice versa. Recently, the Democratic Socialists of America, the largest socialist organization in North America, endorsed the Red Deal. We thank our comrades Julian Trujillo, Brian Ward, Thea Riofrancos, and the DSA Ecosocialist Working Group for their solidarity and support. Stay tuned for more updates and Red Deal campaign news as we move into the fall.


The Pueblx Feminist Caucus and The Red Nation-Santa Fe made history in O Gah Po’geh—again. A historic panel discussion on the history of Pueblo resistance drew a full house at the Jean Cocteau theater on August 14. You can listen to the panel discussion on our podcast Red Revolution Radio here. Or you can watch the presentations here.

On August 17, Red Nation members alongside Pueblo comrades led a march through downtown Santa Fe to remember and honor Pueblo sacred sites and history. The march ended at a mural painted by Indigenous artist Lynnette Hazous commemorating the Red Nation- and Pueblo-led victory to abolish the racist celebration of the Entrada.

Both events drew hundreds of participants and came on the heels annual celebration of the 1680 Pueblo Revolt, which is commemorated August 10. 

Always, in the spirit of Po’pay, the leader of the revolt.

Solidarity forever,


Upcoming events:

9/7-8: Native Liberation Conference, Gallup, NM 9/28: Red Deal Workshop, Farmington, NM