What do London, Paris, Hamburg and a number of small cities have in common? Going back to public services, from private…

Citizens in Hamburg voted in 2013 to buy back their power, gas and district heating network. London’s newly elected mayor has pledged to go in the same direction. Paris brought management of its water system back in house in 2010 and, this March, Sooke voted unanimously to bring water management back in house when the contract with a private company expired.

Sooke is far from being the only community in Canada that has made a decision to ask their own employees to do work that had previously been contracted out. An examination of pro-privatization reports dating from 1997 in Canada shows that 40 per cent of the communities named in the studies have returned work to public management over the last two decades.  In B.C., Sooke and Port Hardy both restored water services, Port Moody ended a contract for private sector garbage collection and New Westminster has ended a contract for private cafeteria service.

Higher service and fewer complaints are often the driving factors, as are greater efficiencies.  See The Tyee for the rest of the article.