We can stop global warming – the solutions are right here

Project Drawdown

Every day at Project Drawdown we are asked, “What can I do to solve the climate crisis?” The answers are all around us. Solutions to climate change are in our daily lives right now. And we have no time to lose putting them in motion.

Which solution surprises or inspires you? Who would benefit from knowing about it?  Use the icons on each solution’s web page to share a solution via email to an elected official, policy maker, or business leader.  Share your favorite solution on Facebook, Twitter, and dozens of social channels.  Add the hashtag #ClimateSolutions for greater reach.

On this landmark Earth Day, you CAN make a difference. Explore the sectors below with 86 solutions that are in place now. Find one that moves you and start working on it today!

Project Drawdown Electricity Sector


It’s not surprising that with 32 solutions, Electricity is our largest solution sector. In addition to insulationwind power, and LEDs, you’ll find innovations such as dynamic glass and microgrids. Find and share your favorite solution in the Electricity sector, then do what you can to put it in motion.

Food, Agriculture, and Land Use

From regenerative farms to plant rich dietsrice fields to peatlands, this sector contains 14 solutions to climate change. As we grow, prepare, and eat food, we in turn must nurture the land from which it comes. Visit the Food, Ag, and Land Use page to find the most impactful places to start.

Project Drawdown Food, Agriculture, and Land Use Solutions
Project Drawdown Solutions - Industry Sector


Materials, waste, refrigerants, and energy efficiency make up the 10 solutions in the Industry sector. Builders and manufacturers are already implementing solutions like alternative cement and waste-to-energy. Check out the Industry sector page to see where to reduce even more of Industry’s heat-trapping emissions.


The dramatic decrease in greenhouse emissions resulting from recent reduction in travel shows us how effective the 13 Transportation solutions are. We must keep building on solutions like bicycle infrastructureefficient aviation and more to make the current drawdown permanent.   

Project Drawdown Solutions - Transportation Sector
Project Drawdown - Buildings sector


The 16 solutions in the Buildings sector orient around energy efficiency, energy sources, and refrigerants. ​Green roofsbuilding retrofitting, and net-zero buildings all contribute to reaching drawdown. Which of the solutions can you act on in the buildings where you live and work?

Land Sinks

Plants and healthy ecosystems have an unparalleled capacity to absorb carbon through photosynthesis and  storing it in living biomass. Lands Sinks now have their own sector in Project Drawdown’s research. Peatland protection and regenerative annual cropping are just 2 of the 22 solutions you’ll find in this sector.

Project Drawdown Land Sinks Sector
Project Drawdown - Coastal and Ocean Sinks

Coastal and Ocean Sinks

Oceans absorb and redistribute heat and  carbon, taking up 23% of the carbon dioxide emissions in the atmosphere each year. Solutions in this sector focus on coastal wetland protection and restorationLearn more about protecting these vital ecosystems.

Engineered Sinks

Engineered sinks address how carbon is captured and stored once it is removed from the atmosphere.  Our future research will address technologies such as “direct capture.” For now, the production of biochar retains its place as a top solution due to its ability to store carbon and and enrich soil.  

Project Drawdown - Engineered Sinks
Project Drawdown - Health and Education Solutions

Health and Education

Our research captured the world’s attention by showing how education and family planning influence both climate and society. Our updated research shows how Health and Education have a compounding effect, with greater climate impacts in the future. 

Cover of The Drawdown Review

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