Wave energy project begins exporting power to Gibraltar’s power grid

June 7, 2016 Cross-posted from 

Wave energy developer Eco Wave Power on June 1 said that its Gibraltarian project officially began exporting power to Gibraltar’s power grid.

The company said that the project is the first grid-connect Eco Wave Power plant and the first array of wave powergenerators to connect to the grid in Europe. Gibraltar Electric Authority is the purchaser of the project’s entire output.

“We are already taking the next steps to move our technology foreword,” Eco Wave Power’s co-founders, David Leb and Inna Braverman, said in a statement. “Planning and design works has begun on Eco Wave Power’s next generation of 1-MW to 5-MW power plant, by using larger units aiming to deliver around 10 times the capacity of Eco Wave Power’s current units in Gibraltar, and improving its efficiency. This progress is a clear example that given time and with the right governmental support, wave energy can progress along the innovation chain towards commercialization.”

According to Eco Wave, the plant’s floaters move up and down with the movement of the waves to create pressure, which drives a hydro motor and a generator. The company is building the project in two phases. The first phase includes a 100-kW power station, and the second phase will expand the facility to 5 MW.