Tesla tiny house/studio tows behind one of their cars

Electricity from sunlight makes economic sense in Australia, in part because the cost of electricity in that sun-splashed country is sky high. Tesla’s overall plan is to include displays for its rooftop solar products in its stores. The problem is, at the present time, it has an official sales presence only in Sydney and Melbourne. How to get the message out to the country’s 24 million residents, most of whom live hundreds if not thousands of miles away from the nearest Tesla store?

Take it on the road.

Tesla rooftop solar

Tesla has created a Tiny House on a trailer that will be towed behind a Model X. The 4,400 lb display showcases Tesla solar panels and its Powerwall residential storage battery. Tesla solar panels are not yet available in the Land Down Under, but will be in the near future.

The Tesla Tiny House has a 6 panel rooftop solar system providing 2 kW of electricity to the Powerwall. As befits Tesla’s image as a company concerned with sustainability, the exterior of the mobile display unit is made from lumber sourced from sustainably grown timber and finished using environmentally friendly preservatives. Inside is a Tesla residential solar power design studio meant to educate consumers about the benefits of making and storing their own electricity.

Tesla plans to take the mobile display to every major city in Australia, but people can contact Tesla and request it make a detour to their town if they live outside a major population center. There’s no guarantee it will visit every sheep station in the Outback — although, Ayers Rock may be a possibility.

Tesla steadfastly refuses to advertise its products the way other enterprises do. It prefers to rely on word of mouth and the tsunami of press coverage that occurs every time Elon Musk takes to Twitter. Last year it outfitted two ultra-modern Airstream travel trailers as Design Studios for its automobiles and let them loose across America. People can also request the company send one of the Airstreams to their home town. Getting the word out and building excitement is something Tesla does better than any other company in the world.

Source: TechCrunch