Tesla semi on cross-country tour and on a test track with professional driver

A Tesla Semi prototype has been touring around the country apparently to visit reservation holders and now we learn that it has stopped at an unknown test track with a pro-driver.

We have been tracking the Tesla Semi prototype over the past two weeks. It drove to J.B. Hunt in Arkansas almost 2,000 miles away from its home base and then to UPS’ hub in Addison in Illinois, which is about 600 miles north from J.B. Hunt in Arkansas.

Last week, we reported that the Tesla Semi prototype was now in Des Moines, Iowa – more than 300 miles from UPS.

On Thursday, the electric truck prototype traveled another 580 miles or so and stopped at Tesla’s Supercharger station in Brush, Colorado.

During the weekend, it was also spotted in Denver and yesterday, it was at an unknown test or race track location as per pro-driver Emile Bouret’s Instagram:

He was quite impressed by the electric truck. He wrote:

“I’m clearly very lucky to do what I do & to work with many talented people. As if they could ever be overlooked, the inanimate coworkers I get to work with also tend to be incredibly capable. And that was certainly true with this one, which made a surprise appearance at a recent work site. To see this thing coming down the road in near silence & with speed & agility seemingly at odds with something of its size makes you feel as if you’re living in the future. Kickass cool & crazy in equal measure… the Tesla Semi.”

Bouret has been a pro-driver, test driver, car show presenter, and a car designer.

He did many driving events for Audi as the main driving instructor of the Audi Sports Car Experience, but he has also worked as a test driver to give his input on many development vehicles, including some of Tesla’s vehicles – a gig he got through his friendship with Tesla Chief Designer Franz von Holzhausen.

We previously reported on him when he talked about testing the next-gen Roadster for Tesla.

Based on Bouret’s background and his past history of working for Tesla, he could be helping to test the electric truck or help film some media content.

Either way, we are going to keep an eye out for anything coming out of this and where the Tesla Semi prototype will end up next.