Help describe how a rapid shift is possible. Tell a story of rapid transition!

Things change. It’s one thing we can rely on. But the climate is changing faster than we are. Now, In the face of potentially runaway climatic upheaval and corrosive inequality, we need change faster than anything governments are planning for.We want to learn from where, when and how things have changed very quickly. With this form you can tell us about examples of rapid transition. They could be from the past or now, and from anywhere in the world. We are interested in all sectors of the economy. They don’t have to be specifically about sustainability, though we’d like you to tell us why they are relevant and what lessons they might offer for rapid transitions to sustainability.

Rapid transition shows examples of evidence-based hope for change whose speed and potential scale will steer us towards staying within planetary ecological boundaries, critically including the globally agreed 1.5 degree upper limit on global warming to prevent climate breakdown, and which advance social justice. In practice, these are clear, quantifiable changes in our values, behaviours, attitudes, and use of resources, energy, technology, finance and infrastructure that can happen and guide what we do over the next five to ten years.

Together we can then grow a shared understanding of what works to create action of the scale and speed needed. With enough evidence-based hope we can remove excuses for inaction and illuminate ways ahead for progressive, rapid change.

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What happened? *
Please tell us what the rapid transition was that happened and what it included, in terms of one or more changes in behaviour, policy, law, technology, infrastructure or other (up to 300 words)
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Why is the example interesting? *
Please spell out in easily accessible and non-technical language why this transition is of interest beyond the place/sector/time in which it occurred and why it is relevant to current challenges of accelerating transitions to a sustainable society (up to 500 words)
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What was the context of the change?
Please provide some brief and accessible background to the challenge the transition sought to address, and the prevailing way of approaching the issue before the rapid transition occurred (up to 300 words)
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What enabled the transition to happen rapidly?
Which political, economic, social, cultural or technological factors were decisive in explaining why this transition came about when it did and the form it took? (up to 500 words)
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How quickly did it happen and how far did it go?
Please provide brief facts, figures and statistics or other evidence (referenced at the end) regarding the impact and timeframe of the transition (as far as possible please try to quantify the key period of change in terms of days, months or years), as well any evidence on social impacts (positive or negative). This might include (but not be restricted to) evidence of behavioural change, uptake of technology, value shifts, impacts on welfare and employment, social inequalities etc.
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What are three key lessons about achieving rapid transition that you believe are demonstrated by this example?
Please summarise in three bullet points of one or two sentences each.
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Supporting references
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