Study: Social cost of carbon emissions much higher than what U.S. is using

New study finds incredibly high carbon pollution costs – especially for the US and India, Guardian, October 1, 2018, and Climate change will cost U.S. more in economic damage than any other country but one, Inside Climate News, September 24, 2018. A study (abstract only) by an international team of researchers uses social costs of carbon calculations to estimate how much each country around the world will suffer in future economic damage from each new ton of carbon dioxide pumped into the atmosphere. The future economic costs within the U.S. are the second-highest in the world, behind only India
A coal-fired power plant in Virginia.
A coal-fired power plant in Virginia. John Raby | AP file
A study published Monday in the journal “Nature Climate Change” finds the number the U.S. uses to estimate the social cost of carbon is too low, and that the U.S. is among the countries with the most to lose under climate change. Others include India, Saudi Arabia and China.