Public broadband network action

Grant County, Oregon’s Digital Network Coalition is moving forward on plans to improve connectivity and closing the digital divide in the area. The year-old coalition is working toward deploying a fiber optic network that will connect public facilities, homes, and businesses along the fiber route.

Congratulations to Dalton, Georgia’s OptiLink for becoming the first municipal network in the state to offer residential gigabit Internet access. We checked in with the folks from OptiLink in a recent podcast episode.

Creative Sources For Funding Fiber Infrastructure Fact Sheet to Spark Your Funding Search As interest in publicly owned broadband network infrastructure increases, local communities seek out new ways to fund municipal networks. Revenue bonds, interdepartmental loans, and avoided costs have been the three most common methods for funding Internet network infrastructure, but local leaders are finding creative approaches to get the job done. The Creative Funding Sources For Fiber Infrastructure fact sheet presents new approaches, pros and cons, and provides examples for further study.

Another Texas Town Considers Fiber Infrastructure

People in Lampasas are fed up with outages that have repeatedly plagued the community due to lack of redundant infrastructure connecting the central Texas municipality. Now, the city and the Lampasas Economic Development Corporation (LEDC) are asking the community to complete an Internet survey to help determine how best to move forward an achieve better connectivity.

Mississippi Public Service Commission Requests Law Change: “Let Electric Co-ops Offer Broadband!”

When it comes to high-quality Internet access, the big corporate ISPs have failed rural Mississippi. Other states with similar digital divide issues are starting to see rural electric cooperatives make efforts to connect members. In some places, legislatures have adjusted state laws that complicated co-ops’ ability to deploy fiber optic infrastructure. Now, the Public Service Commission (PSC) in Mississippi has formally requested that state lawmakers update an antiquated statute to allow rural electric cooperatives to expand high-quality Internet access.

Beyond Mapping With VETRO FiberMap – Community Broadband Bits Podcast 333

Whether it’s a local government or ISP that chooses to invest in fiber optic infrastructure accurate, dependable, mapping is critical before, during, and after initial deployment. This week’s guests deliver that service through VETRO FiberMap. CEO Will Mitchell and COO Sean Myers join Christopher to discuss their mapping platform, the creative ways they use it, and their expectations for the future of fiber networks. …Listen to the podcast… Read the transcript… 

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