Pandemic pantry: A list for eating well with humble ingredients

Melissa Breyer Treehugger March 11, 2020

kale salad
© Elena Veselova

Social distancing and quarantines don’t mean you have to live on canned soup alone.

Welcome to the new coronavirus kitchen. Many of us have practice in stocking up for storms and such, but the pandemic pantry is a slightly different animal. Hurricane shopping, for instance, has people buying “hedonic products” to weather the storm – like cookies, chips, and alcohol, along with the bottled water and batteries.

But stocking up in the face of a pandemic varies a bit. We expect to have power and gas, so cooking and food storage shouldn’t be a problem. That said, in preparation for a pandemic the government recommends having a two-week supply of food on hand. Which makes many people think: Canned soup, rice and beans, pasta, and 46 cases of granola bars.With this in mind, we took a look through our archives, and as it turns out, our green food section is basically like Little House on the Prairie meets Pinterest – which is to say, pretty pandemic friendly. In terms of delicious basics, we’ve got this covered. Here’s a start; we will keep adding as we find more.


Canned tomatoes

Frozen foods


Miscellaneous staples


Roasted vegetables

Sauces + extra


Winter squash

To be continued…