Pace of ice loss in Greenland increased fourfold in last 15 years, nears tipping point

Greenland’s enormous ice sheet is melting so fast that it may have reached a “tipping point”, the New York Times reports. New research published yesterday adds to the evidence that the ice loss in Greenland is speeding up as the warming in the Arctic increases, the New York Times adds. The study found melting of the ice sheet could become a major factor in sea-level rise within two decades. The research found that the pace of ice loss increased four-fold since 2003, the Guardian reports. “We knew we had one big problem with increasing rates of ice discharge by some large outlet glaciers,” Prof Michael Bevis, lead author of the paper and a professor of geodynamics at Ohio State University, tells the Guardian: “But now we recognise a second serious problem: increasingly, large amounts of ice mass are going to leave as meltwater, as rivers that flow into the sea.” The study suggests that Greenland‘s ice is melting far faster than initially thought, the Independent says. CNN also has the story.