Justice Democrats March 2019

on and ‘s Green New Deal: “There’s the benefits that aren’t talked about. There’s also the cost of inaction. Just last year we lost $91 billion to the US economy from climate change alone.”

*91% of caucusgoers in IOWA* said they prefer a candidate who supports the . 67% of want a LOT of talk about the .  (Health care, climate change, and income inequality are the top 3!)

“91% [in Iowa] said they prefer a candidate who supports the Green New Deal. In Iowa, 84% say they prefer a candidate who supports…Medicare for All…[]’s positions tend to be embraced by people in the middle of the country.” – “She’s a moderate!” –

“We developed plans to transition states and countries to 100% clean renewable energy. What we need in the United States is to electrify all energy sectors….we have 90 – 95% of all the technologies that we need to do that.” on and ‘s Green New Deal

“We’re talking about ideas like Medicare-for-All, 70% of all Americans are in favor of that, higher taxes on the rich, 75% of Americans favor that. It’s not communism, it’s common sense.” – on The Daily Show

., one of the 90 cosponsors of the Green New Deal: “Black, brown, and low-income communities bear the brunt of pollution and environmental degradation, accelerated by climate.”

“We’re relying on people all around the country to nominate teachers, union workers, nurses, people who have these experiences of holding their communities together in order to elect working class champions like ” –, JD Executive Director

“We’ve seen rising criticism of the elites for the past 10-20 years now because of a series of elite failures, starting with the Iraq War, then Hurricane Katrina, financial crisis, the epidemic of the killing of unarmed black men and women by the police.” –

2/3s of all bankruptcies today in the U.S. today are due to medical costs. GoFundMe has become a popular insurance plan. This is simply not acceptable. It’s time for a quality, universal health care system in the U.S. It’s time for .

Tuition and fee-free college should be a cornerstone of any higher education reauthorization. I’m proud to champion a proposal to provide for all—a federal-state partnership that would make public 4-year and 2-year college FREE for students.

Meet the new, young Socialists: , executive editor , of and from

has lived experiences that align with the majority of the American people. Right now, our Congress…is still majority white, majority male, and majority wealthy.”

“It’s about reclaiming what democracy means, and democracy means preventing an aristocracy. Democracy should mean taking power and wealth from those who hoard it and making sure it belongs to everyone.”

“Top-down discouragement of primary challenges may no longer work for Democratic leaders. The 2018 midterms changed all that: the local Resistance groups that…helped fuel Democratic midterm victories are much more open to boosting primary challengers.”

If we truly want to end the overdose crisis, we must address the despair crisis, the pain that far too many Americans experience by just living in our society.

We need leaders who are going to give the Green New Deal the teeth to push forward the clean energy economy of the future while responsibly phasing out fossil fuels in a way that leaves no one behind.”

suggested that the damages could be tallied by adding up the costs of building new sea walls, infrastructure repair, coastal erosion prevention, oil-spill cleanups, and fighting wildfires.”

.: “This is something that the Republicans often are in tune with that the Democrats are not. We seem to be afraid of our own shadow. We’ve become too afraid to actually listen to the people, and to recognize who our base is.”

“We were certainly wrong, 100 percent, on the politics…there’s simply no political place for neoliberals to lead with good policies that make a concession to right-wing concerns.” Brad , Deputy Assistant Sec. of Treasury for Bill Clinton https://t.co/F9Ddh31re8


Imagine this: “One advantage Ocasio-Cortez has over some colleagues is that she consistently attends even the most mundane committee hearings, since she does not spend any of her day calling donors for money.”


‘The is not just another climate policy … it is a call to redefine politics and establish a new social contract for America.’ — , , and are calling on politicians to make a choice: Fossil fuel money or a livable future