How dire is climate change? Data from last decade. Also signal of climate change emerging in every day weather

7 Numbers Show How Dire Climate Change Got This Decade, December 30, 2019, the Huffington Post identifies seven figures that show just how dire the climate situation grew this past decade:

  • The past five years were the hottest ever recorded on the planet.
  • Four of the five largest wildfires in California history happened this past decade.
  • Six Category 5 hurricanes tore through the Atlantic region in the past four years.
  • Arctic sea ice cover dropped about 13 percent in one decade – thickness even more.
  • Floods with a 0.1 percent chance of happening in any given year became a frequent occurrence.
  • There were more than 100 “billion dollar” climate disasters, double from the decade before.
  • Meanwhile, we pumped a record 40.5 billion tons of carbon dioxide into the air in 2019.

Finally, The signal of human-caused climate change has emerged in everyday weather, study finds, Washington Post, January 2, 2020, describes how Swiss and Norwegian researchers used daily global weather observation data from 2012-19 to detect the “fingerprint” of human-induced climate change on daily weather patterns. Their study used statistical techniques and climate model simulations to demonstrate that daily temperatures and humidity vary around the world in ways that would be expected because of climate change. According to noted Stanford University climate scientist Noah Diffenbaugh, “This study provides important new evidence that climate change is influencing the conditions we see daily.”