Globeville, Elyria, Swansea issues and efforts in Colorado

Some history of GSE from a journalist ( Cara DeGette) .

Journalist view ( Michele Swenson) that ties it all together.

Alternative to I-70:

Storm Water Drain & I-70: (ties it together)

EPA VB/I-70 Site:

CDOT Settlement for GSE /I-70:

Note that the lawyer for CDOT on this settlement is now at CDPHE  the health assessment is gearing up and expects to have results in FOUR years. 

Most health assessments that I see for GSE end up blaming the victims and ignoring the horrible load of toxic chemicals ( endocrine disruptors too) that come from outside of their homes.

DEH Health Assessment (2014): Mayor Hancock got rid of the director who is responsible for this report.

Baseline Human Health Risk Assessment VB/I-70 Superfund site: (2001) 

Dr. Kosnett comments on the above (toxicologist to CEASE)

Final Baseline Human Health Risk Assessment OU2 (2009)

Community Health Needs Assessment 2018:

(Seems to avoid all together the toxic pollution that is making people fat, sick , depressed, learning disabled etc.)

CAG Presentation by Chuck Norris challenging EPA conclusion that contamination came from smelter smoke stacks:

Comments of Earth Justice on Delisting of OU1:

Comments of Chuck Norris, CAG Technical Advisor on delisting of OU1):

Comments of Eileen Walsh on EPA delisting of OU1 (health):

CEASE (precursor to the CAG)comments:

CDOT Hazardous Material Technical Report:

Mary Hernandez story: ( lots of stories like this)

Candi ceDeBaca

don’t flood globeville

Noise in community:

Armando Payan Swansea Resident on pollution I 70

The Neighbors are the Last to Know

Comments of CEASE, precursor to the VB/I-70 CAG, to EPA

I 70 Expansion or Destruction

The Perfect Storm: “Platte-to-Park Hill” Storm Drainage to Expand Globeville LandingOutfall ( Adrian Brown, CAG advisor)


The Drain that destroyed 2 parks to save I 70 from flooding:

Sierra Club sues to stop I 70

CAG Resolutions for the Site



Sorry if I have overloaded you. We have thousands of documents from EPA, CDPHE, Denver ( not so much) , CDOT etc, on every phase of this project. phew. We need to condense our information and get the important points out to the community, hoping that they will build on it to bring about public awareness and build strong coalitions to influence politicians and regulators. 

As you can see, we have had science for over a decade, at least, and nothing much has changed. The air, for example,  is only getting worse. The residents of GSe know that they are sick and they feel the frustration but acting in the face of the political situation is very difficult. 

happy reading.

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