Fastned makes EV fast charging as cheap on the go as at home

By James Ayre, cross-posted from Clean Technica

The Netherlands-based electric vehicle fast-charging network firm Fastned is now offering 19 cents per kilowatt-hour (Euro cents) fast-charging to those who sign up for its new “Power” subscription service, according to an email sent to CleanTechnica andEV Obsession.

Fastned fast charging

The new service is intended to allow subscribers to charge at Fastned’s electric vehicle (EV) fast-charging stations at the same rate as many locals do when charging at home overnight. The idea is that the economic benefits of EV ownership can extend to those who don’t have a place to charge their EVs at home (apartment and condo dwellers, for example, which are extremely common in the Netherlands).

As noted in the recent email, “with this move, Fastned also makes driving electric financially attractive for the 75% of the households in the Netherlands without a private driveway where they can charge. By doing so, Fastned is making electric driving accessible to all.”

As alluded to in that statement, most residents in the Netherlands aren’t in circumstances that would allow for overnight home EV charging.

One of the cofounders of Fastned, Michiel Langezaal, commented: “People with an electric car and a private driveway can charge at home for 19 cents per kWh. People without a driveway often rely on slow public charging poles. Fastned wants all electric drivers to have access to fast and affordable charging infrastructure. With the introduction of the Power subscription, we are bringing the future one step closer by making driving electric accessible to everybody. It is one more step to accelerate the transition to electric mobility.”

The new subscription service involves a monthly fee of €24. Notably, there are no session fees, credit card fees, etc. Also, the service can reportedly be canceled or modified at any time.

The email provides some background on the home-charging environment in the Netherlands: “The monthly cost of €24 is quite similar to the cost of private wallbox at home. In The Netherlands, a wallbox including installation usually sets you back around €1,500. On top of this in most cases a monthly subscription fee of around €5 is charged by the supplier. Additionally you will have to cover maintenance and repairs. All combined the investment of a private wallbox will probably cover your Fastned Power subscription for more than 6 years.”

Those interested can find out more at Fastned’s website.