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Worker Buy-Outs: As the German model of industry-wide collective bargaining comes under pressure, unions are now being forced to look for other means of protecting jobs. Read how employee ownership, though not a one-size-fits-all solution, could help revitalize the labor movement in Germany.

With First-Ever Pension Fund Investment in an ESOP, Taylor Guitars Becomes Employee Owned The Taylor Guitars conversion is the first time that a pension fund—US or Canadian—has ever invested in an ESOP transition. The deal is funded by Canada’s Healthcare of Ontario Pension Plan and Social Capital Partners and establishes the first US-based ESOP for Mexican workers. 

Scaling up employee ownership is key to an equitable recovery In a commentary in Fast Company, Marjorie Kelly and Jessica Rose argue that government should use its lending and risk-reduction tools to attract private capital to employee ownership conversions. At scale, the authors write, “this would be akin to the federal government’s decision after World War II to back mortgages to create widespread middle-class homeownership.”

KKR Partner Pete Stavros to Set Up Center to Promote Employee Ownership The Center for Shared Ownership will focus on employee ownership through funding research, providing resources for companies to help set up plans, and possibly pushing for legislation and government support.

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Certified EO Launches New Directory of Employee-Owned Businesses “The ultimate goal of our directory is to list every company in America that meets our certification standards — at least 30 percent of the company owned by employees in a board-based way,” writes Thomas Dudley, CEO of Certified Employee-Owned.

Rutgers Online Library Dedicated to Employee Ownership The Curriculum Library for Employee Ownership (CLEO) is an online library of scholarly research and teaching materials on employee share ownership, featuring more than 600 resources. It is open to anyone with an interest in learning more about employee ownership around the world.