Denver Initiative Would Raise Over $40 Million for Housing Efficiency, Retrofits, Training and Support of EJ and Low Income Communities

We have submitted our ballot language with suggested improvements to the City Council Referred Initiative drafters. We would also appreciate all of your input on where you feel changes/improvements should be made.  Please provide changes on the document as comments only or send suggestions to me that I will include in the document.  Thank you all for your help! Here are several equity improvements we have suggested:

  1. New tiered tax rate for residential that does not tax usage below the residential sector average usage.  Most normal households will not be taxed (30 to 40% of households are below average use).  The average is seasonally adjusted so as to not unfairly tax people in summer and winter when bills are highest.
  2. Any household already in a city low-income program (even non-energy programs) will be automatically exempted from the tax no matter their usage rate.
  3. Any household making less than 100% AMI (changed from 50%) can apply to be exempted in case they do not fall into the first two groups and are feeling energy-burdened.  The only criteria to meet is being less than 100% AMI which is $65k for single and $92.8k for family of four. 
  4. All community board members will be compensated for their time. 
  5. We are encouraging all equity groups to send us suggested improvements to the rest of the language.
  6. You can review the new language here.

 Preview attachment Suggested Edits for Council Referred Initiative