Colorado Energy Legislation Review Interim Study Committee

Erin Reynolds, Principal Fiscal Analyst, 303-866-4146
Jeanette Chapman, Research Analyst, 303-866-4657
Matt Bishop, Research Analyst, 303-866-4796

This memorandum outlines the 2019 Energy Legislation Review Interim Study Committee’s membership, charge, meeting schedule, bill limits, and bill deadlines. The Energy Legislation Review Interim Study Committee is a ten-member legislative committee that is authorized to meet over the 2019 legislative interim. Committee members are appointed by members of legislative leadership as follows: three Representatives appointed by the House Speaker, one of whom is appointed chair; two Representatives appointed by the House Minority Leader; three Senators appointed by the Senate President, one of whom is appointed vice-chair; and two Senators appointed by the Senate Minority Leader. Membership is outlined below.

2019 Energy Legislation Review Interim Study Committee
Rep. Chris Hansen, Chair Sen. Mike Foote, Vice-chair
Rep. Steve Humphrey Sen. Steve Fenberg
Rep. Dominique Jackson Sen. Ray Scott
Rep. Sonya Jaquez Lewis Sen. Faith Winter
Rep. Perry Will Sen. Rob Woodward

The committee may meet four times during the 2019 legislative interim to study the following policy issues:
 electric grid interconnection;
 electric vehicle market adoption factors;
 energy supply and transmission planning;
 grid security;
 distributed generation options;
 energy market transitions;
 clean energy job creation and the impact to jobs as a result of changing energy markets;
 climate change policy options;
 demand-side management; and
 energy storage policy.

The committee is also authorized to conduct two field trips outside of the Denver metropolitan area to better understand energy development, grid security, energy supply and transmission planning, and other issues that affect energy policy in Colorado. Table 2 identifies the meetings and field trips that have been selected by the committee chair. Agendas for committee meetings will be posted on the committee’s website at

Requirements for bill drafts. The Executive Committee of the Legislative Council’s guidelines for interim committees require that at least a majority of the committee membership approve a bill in concept prior to requesting a bill draft. Requests for draft bills must occur during a single committee meeting set for requesting legislation, no later than September 23, 2019. Committee members must make drafting information available at the meeting at which the members request bills or must submit such information to the bill drafter within three calendar days after the meeting. Failure to submit the drafting information prior to the three-day deadline will be deemed as a withdrawal of the bill request. The final meeting to consider and take final action on bill drafts must occur no later than