BYD delivers first of 27 electric heavy-duty trucks — largest deployment in the US

By Kyle Field, in Clean Technica, March 13th, 2017

In partnership with Daylight Transport, the California Air Resources Board and the San Bernardino Council of Governments, electric vehicle manufacturer BYD has brought the largest deployment of all-electric heavy-duty trucks ever in the US to Southern California.

heavy duty

The deployment utilizes funding from California’s cap-and-trade program, which requires polluters in the state to purchase credits for all emissions. These funds are intended to be redirected to programs that drive decreases in emissions in key markets, regions, or technologies where they will make the largest impact.

To that end, these yard trucks represent a lucrative target, as they typically run 24/7/365 and burn PM-emitting diesel fuel. This is compounded by the fact that many ports, rail yards, and warehouses where they operate are located adjacent to residential areas, exposing nearby residents to noxious fumes around the clock.

On top of that, large diesel engines are loud, so a switch to nearly silent electric vehicles would be a welcome upgrade for nearby residents to cut the noise pollution.

This particular project will deliver 27 battery-electric trucks, which includes 23 Class 8 yard trucks and 4 Class 5 service trucks.

“With this project, California is proving to critics that clean air and job creation are not mutually exclusive,” said Stella Li, president of BYD Motors. “BYD is proud of its role in this project as the provider of 27 zero-emission, all-electric trucks that are coming from our manufacturing facility in the City of Lancaster, Los Angeles County. Our electric trucks are safe and reliable, and every purchase of a BYD electric truck in California helps support local job creation.”

heavy duty

The first delivery of the order is comprised of 3 yard trucks that will go to Daylight Transport’s facility in Fontana, California, while the remaining 24 are headed over to two BNSF Railway yards in San Bernardino and Los Angeles Counties over the next few months.

It was exciting when BYD first introduced its battery-electric heavy-duty trucks at ACT last year, and the news that the vehicles would be produced locally sweetened the deal.

But none of that compares to the fact that those trucks are now heading out into the world, eliminating real emissions in areas that need cleaner air the most, like Los Angeles and the greater South California region.