Alliance for Rapid Transition

We are building an Alliance for Rapid Transition.  If you are an individual who would like to get news and updates on evidence based hope from the Alliance, you can sign up via the website: www.rapidtransition.orgMaking the rapid transition to a world that can flourish, fairly, without destroying our climate and the web of life we depend on, needs a big alliance. We wish to be part of finding and sharing evidence-based hope. We believe rapid transitions are beginning but need all our help to happen.

This is what we pledge:

As members of the Rapid Transition Alliance:

  • We acknowledge that we are living in a uniquely challenging moment and understand that more of the same won’t get us out of the mess we are in
  • We believe that our lifestyles and economies must operate within known planetary ecological boundaries
  • We believe that current measures to tackle climate change are not remotely in line with the action demanded by climate science in terms of scale or speed of necessary action. And, because of this, that rapid transitions are called for, aligned to the globally agreed target of preventing global warming beyond 1.5 degrees above pre-industrial levels
  • We believe that rapid shifts in behaviour to become sustainable are not only necessary but possible, and can bring broad benefits
  • We think it is vital and urgent to learn lessons from times and places, current and historical, where rapid transitions have taken place, and in a manner that is fair and demonstrably respects and upholds social justice
  • We are part of a broad and growing alliance of people and organisations wanting to learn and share in order to lay new paths for progress, built on foundations of evidence-based hope
  • We understand that everyone has something to offer on the journey, and that we all have a role to play in shaping it
  • We know we don’t have all of the answers, but will question many things that have so far been taken for granted, and will keep experimenting until we get it right
  • We recognise that the time for action is now.

We pledge that we will:

  • Commit to suggest or provide at least one case study, written or for further research, to share with the Alliance every twelve months and share our work at a gathering (real or online) of members of the Alliance
  • Share with our organisations and networks the examples of evidence-based hope about rapid transitions, and shifts towards sustainable behaviour, highlighted by the work of Alliance members, through our available channels of communications…
  • Endeavour, wherever possible, to bring to the attention of policy makers and others the precedents and current potential for rapid transitions
  • Embark on the challenge of aligning our ambitions to achieve rapid transitions at the scale and speed necessary with what we do, and how we operate, as organisations.
  • Alliance members can have their organisations and their work highlighted on the Alliance’s platform. This will provide access to briefings, case studies, and other tools to learn about and communicate the potential of rapid transition. It will also enable access to a wide global community of shared interest. Members can shape the work of the Alliance by suggesting materials and cases of use to their organisations, and enjoy opportunities to network with other organisations working in this space.

If you share the vision, hope and ambition of the Rapid Transition Alliance, please fill out this short form to be considered for membership. We ask that applicants are truly committed to our mission outlined above, and all will be considered in relation to these criteria. For more information email