Our future depends on a rapid shift — our rate of decarbonization.  Jobs, poverty, justice, and energy link to clean energy, clean water, clean air, and the people and landscapes we hold dear.  The opposite of what we’ve been told is true – clean energy is affordable and solar and wind can power more lives than fossil fuels.  Coal is a particularly death-dealing source of energy, just heading the pack of tar sands, oil, and gas.

Getting off carbon and fossil fuels is now a foregone conclusion even those in the fossil industry will admit.  The leading economies around the world have announced that we must fully decarbonize this century.  They were two countries from saying we need to decarbonize our transport and electricity by 2050.  Coal, oil, and gas are on the way out.  We know we need to make the transition.

You don’t have to be a scientist to see and know this.  People can see the changes in the weather already, and it is getting worse and more difficult to endure for those on the front lines.

While policy support is needed to enable a more rapid shift and to keep our country strong, good news is already here.  This blog will cover this rapid shift and those on the forefront.  The site will cover “how” – the technological developments that are making it possible and the places, firms, and people that are showing the way.

The conventional wisdom is “change takes time” and evolution occurs gradually.  It does. But not always.  We will look at when and where it occurred rapidly.

The time is now.  And it is all about the rate of change, a rapid shift.