18 million victory gardens were planted in WWII, 12 million in cities, providing a third of all fruits and vegetables there

18 million victory gardens were planted during WWII

12 million in cities/6 million on farms providing 1/3rd of all fruits and vegetables

Although the US imperialist government tried to whip up Americans to do it for patriotic reasons (to lower the cost of fruits & veggies for the war) almost 60% of gardeners said they were doing it for economic reasons to deal with rationing, only 20% for patriotic reasoning

There were lots of contradictions in US agriculture during WWII including the use of German prisoners of war who were brought to the US to do farm work due to farmers being in the war

Also, I learned yesterday that during WWII, amateur gardeners in the US produced 40% of the nations vegetables–because the government needed the crops for soldiers overseas. Those gardens were developed in a year. They sprouted up everywhere–just like gardens had to be developed in Cuba when the US blockaded the country.

People can grow food. Once they begin, they often find they enjoy growing food. And working on this aspect of mitigation means at least some people are far less vulnerable to whatever nutso situation is going to unfold because so-called leaders move as slow as cold motor oil.